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Bharat Varshney

When it comes to weight loss and healthy lifestyle, we always come up with an idea of joining a Gym, Yoga or sports activity but along with this, diet is equally important and crucial part of this process. Hi everyone, I am Bharat Varshney, 31 years old and an IT professional, would like to share my experience and weight loss journey, so kindly be with me for another few minutes and I assure that I will make it short 😊 Since almost 4 years, my sedentary lifestyle with minimum physical activities and foodie by heart contributes a lot in my weight gain, at some point of time I was 76 kg and my height is ~166 cm. Last year lock down was a major contributor to my weight gain where I was not just putting up weight but also invited few long-term medical conditions like Thyroid and Hypertension. I tried a lot to reduce my weight using various apps and diets with few exercises but unable to maintain it. Then I decided to consult a dietician and after a day search, I found Dr. Shivi with good reviews and ratings. August 1st, we interacted, and she tries to know my complete day, when I wakes up, what I eat and likes the most to eat all day. Later she explains me where I am lacking and what I am doing wrong and next she shared few weights loss plans, and I choose the three months clinical diet program. My diet starts the very next day, she was 24*7 available for any queries and doubts and best part of the entire process is that I never felt like I am on diet. I still can’t believe that I was having paneer tikka, rice, potato, banana along with the food as per my taste preference during the process. Within 2 weeks, I lost almost 3 Kg along with few inches and the change was visible too. Withing 4 weeks, I lost 4.5 Kg and somehow my Hypertension was gone, and my physician suggested me to stop the medication. Going with the process and following each instruction I was successfully able to reduce almost 8 kgs of weight in three months. I am feeling light, changed and physically fit now. Highly recommending Dr. Shivi. She is doing great in her area. She never gave me any false hopes and never assured me any number when it comes to weight loss. Her all time concern is that I should feel good and healthy rest weight is just a number. In last, I would like to say it’s true that each individual’s weight loss journey is different and the key is just stick to the process and in the end you will be happy

"Result may vary person to person"

Aishwarya Ghosh

She is extremely patient and understanding. I had taken 3 months plan with her. With her help I managed to lose 7 kgs in 3 months despite suffering from PCOS which makes it very hard to lose weight. I lost this weight with her diet plans only and some basic exercises at home without joining any gym. I highly recommend her for her experience, friendliness, and encouraging behaviour!

"Result may vary person to person"

Deepti Choudhary

Ms Shivi is very good docotor,understands health issues or concerns very well.I took her 3months weight loss programme where I loose 10kg weights just beacuse pf her diet plan which she shared and moreover that diet is not so strict and even you don’t feel that you are following any strict diet.

"Result may vary person to person"

Aashfa Ahsan

I came across Shivi Ma'am's Ultimate Diet Clinic via a lot of word of mouth. I had ignored the repercussions of (the excess weight gain) frantic work hours and stress for too long hence joined the four month course for diet consultation. And it was phenomenal. It's been two months to the course and I've lost almost 8 kgs. Shivi Ma'am is a great listener and a very approachable person. She answered all my doubts and questions regarding the diet plan. The diet chart is prepared as per your needs and all the raw material is easily available in your pantry. She has been really motivating through out. I would definitely recommend her clinic to anyone looking for diet consultation for weight loss. Its an amazing experience hands down.

"Result may vary person to person"

Himani Tyagi

My experience with Shivi is really great. Without changing much from my diet in terms of food I eat, she created a plan that has all the nutrition value required. In just 1.5 months , I am able to loose 7 kgs that too in lockdown when u can't do much of excercise. My defination of dieting has now completely changed as earlier it was just starving and now it's healthy eating. Sometime you need a proper guidance to achieve a goal , and for me that's her...not achieved my final goal yet but i think I can do it.

"Result may vary person to person"


Shivi mam is very friendly and kind. She assisted my daughter very well and communicated with us on regular basis for frequent updates. My daughter lost around 8 kgs weight in 2.5 months with the guidance of her. Will recommend about her to others as well.

"Result may vary person to person"

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