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Online Consultation

For online consultation, in which our team will completely understand your expectation and objective of joining us and would try to identify the root cause of Life style disorder though various assessment and discussion. Our Dietician will analyze your food record and ask you series of general health and life style question including anthropometrics (Height, Weight and Waist line).

Dietitian will then provide dietary recommendation, tips, resources and even recipes based on your specific needs. Further, we will work with you, to plan your diet as per your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and other nutritional requirements to help you overcome the barrier.

STEP 1 : To Set-up an appointment, Call/Whatsapp @ 9667171296.
STEP 2 : Dt. Kanika & Team will understand your requirement in detail and guide you accordingly.
STEP 3 : Enrol for Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or Yearly Program, as per the requirement.